Fair Pay: How Much Should I Pay My Employees?
01 Sep 2015
Employers are increasingly getting dissatisfied with using standard pay packages only to find that they don’t work well for their organisation. Using a dashboard approach to measurement, the three main ingredients which make up productivity…
Differentiation for Talent Management
12 Aug 2015
There surely has never been a better time for human resources to excel. With tighter fiscal control and a business drive for more efficiency it is providing human resources with the perfect set of circumstances…
E-Marketplaces: Deciding If They Are Right for You
05 Aug 2015
In the final look at how technology can be utilised by Procurement to assist in delivering Value for Money for your organisation, we will look at e-marketplaces and the benefits they can bring an organisation.
Making Training Pay
18 Jun 2015
Does training add value? If you ask any HR department all training function the answer would certainly be yes. What’s the same question to the CP or CF any answer would be completely different. So…


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